How it Works

We built Wandr to help young people like you get a flavour for different industries and career paths without having to commit to a career or longer course of study. Think of it as a kind of streaming subscription - but with learning content instead of movies. Here’s how it works.

1. Select your plan

Choose between Explore, Mentor or Career Coach, depending on the level of contact & support you want. (You can also upgrade to a different plan whenever you like).

2. Get set up

Set up your profile in the Wandr learning platform. This is where you can access our content library, extra features like our AI career tool and bonus content on mental health and life skills. It’s also where you can monitor your course progress & connect with our coaches & experts.

3. Start learning

Explore our library & see what grabs you. Content ranges from bite-size snippets to longer courses of study with credit towards formal qualifications*.  (If you’re on the Career Coach plan, you’ll also get a customised learning program & your very own careers coach).

Our course types

Wandr is divided into different areas of interest - like photography, fitness & nutrition, graphic design, beauty… plus heaps more. Once you’ve decided what you want to learn about, you can start browsing individual courses.  Which course you choose depends on what sparks your interest and how much time you want to commit. Here’s a quick guide to our course types:

Trial Run

A bite-size course on a specific topic

Commitment level


Study time

<5 hrs

Perfect for

trying something out without investing too much time upfront

Learn to

A short course to teach you a specific skill

Commitment level


Study time

<10 hrs

Perfect for

learning standalone skills without having to commit to a longer course


A top level intro to your area of interest

Commitment level


Study time

10-30 hrs

Perfect for

getting your head around the basics before deciding whether it’s for you

Skillin’ It

A foundation course to teach you core skills

Commitment level


Study time

50+ hrs

Perfect for

getting a more rounded introduction to your area of interest, without going all-in

Career Kickstarter

An in-depth course to prep you for your future career

Commitment level


Study time

200+ hours

Perfect for

setting you up to follow a specific career pathway

Bonus content and features

Sure, we’re all about career discovery and working out what you’re good at - but we didn’t just stop there. As a Wandr subscriber you also get access to a whole bunch of bonus content and extra features like-

  • Mental health hacks for when life gets overwhelming
  • Life skills content to help you navigate the real world
  • Work experience opps so you can get some runs on the board
  • AI courses and intel on the future of work

Ask us anything

Ok, maybe not anything. But if you’ve got Wandr-related questions, chances are you’ll find the answers here. Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Still have questions?

Still mulling stuff over? Wanna speak to a real live person? Give us a call and we'll do our best to help you figure stuff out.