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3 In-Demand Skills Employers in Australia Want & How to Acquire Them

by Tenzing Tsewang



Are you leaving school and entering the Australian job market? It's a competitive one, so you need to stand out and appeal to what employers are looking for. Here, we examine three top skills that employers are seeking and how to go about acquiring them.

Did you know that there are 332 different roles in Australia that employers are finding hard to fill? That's up from 228 in 2022, meaning that the job market offers more opportunities than ever before. However, you still need to stand out from the crowd, as there's always going to be competition.

When you leave school and enter the working world, you are at a disadvantage to begin with, as you lack real-world experience. That's not your fault, of course, but it means that you have to show promise and potential, and you do that by demonstrating the skills that employers are looking for.

But what are they? That's the focus of this blog, as we look at the most in-demand skills that hiring managers seek and how to obtain them. By adding them to your bow, you can gain an edge and make a great impression that gets you a second interview.

So, let's dive in and see what the score is.

Skill #1 - Great Communication

Great communication forms a central part of any business or organisation. Whether talking about writing emails, giving a presentation or talking face-to-face with colleagues, being able to convey information clearly is an ability that all modern professionals need to some degree. There are many ways in which being a good communicator will help you in your career:

  • It makes you more productive - When you're able to communicate effectively, it helps you and those around you understand tasks better, making you more productive. This is because it prevents misunderstandings, meaning you're more likely to do the job right the first time.
  • It allows you to avoid conflict - Arguments at work are the same as those you have at school - they're just not constructive. As someone with strong communication skills, you’re better able to avoid conflict and also help others resolve their differences.
  • It marks you out as a leader - One of the main aims of working is to get promoted and grow, right? Well, if you're a good people person, you'll mark yourself out as a potential leader, which means more responsibilities and more pay!
  • It helps you manage clients better - There are many jobs in which communication is a great advantage, particularly those that involve managing clients. It helps you to build rapport, which then leads to long-term relationships, which means success.

Being a good speaker - and listener - will help you at every stage of your career. It allows you to make friends, effectively network and build strong relationships with clients and those you work with. Naturally, employers love people with this ability.

Skill #2 - Adaptability

Once upon a time, when your grandparents were kids, people often spent their whole working lives in one job. It's not like that anymore, with people now averagely changing jobs every three years! In this new, dynamic world we live in, adaptability to change is key, which is why employers look for it in the people they hire.

There are several tangible career benefits to being an adaptable person:

  • You lengthen your career lifespan - In the many rapidly changing jobs out there, you need to be able to adapt quickly to remain relevant. You'll meet people during your career that are resistant to changes in the way they work, and they tend to get left behind.
  • It makes you more resilient - No matter what industry you're in, you'll experience setbacks and failure at some point. Being adaptable makes you a more resilient professional and allows you to bounce more quickly and even come back stronger.
  • You get more career opportunities - You might be presented with opportunities during your career that require you to learn new ways of working quickly. Adaptability makes you more flexible and allows you to seize those opportunities with both hands.

Having an adaptable mindset allows you to approach challenges creatively and even turn what others see as obstacles into opportunities. This is a key element of a long and fruitful career.

Skill #3 - Teamwork

As you may have learned from your high school soccer coach, there is no 'I’ in T-E-A-M, and it's a motto that extends beyond your school's playing fields. Unless you're self-employed in a job where you work on your own, it's important to know how to collaborate with others effectively.

As well as being a key trait sought by Australian employers, being a team player helps your career in a variety of different ways:

  • You get better at overcoming challenges - When you learn to collaborate well with others, you get the benefit of a diverse range of perspectives and skills, making it easier to overcome challenges that you might otherwise not be able to.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work - Sorry about all the cliches, but they're said by people for a reason! When you work well with others, you get things done faster and easier, meaning that projects get completed quicker, which reflects well on you and your colleagues.
  • Improved skills development - Another benefit of working well in a team is that you pick up new skills from your peers, broadening your expertise in the process.
  • Better networking - Networking is an important skill in its own right, as it's how you get industry contacts that can help you achieve more and climb the ladder. Being a team player encourages people to reach out, leading to more names in your phone you can reach out to when needed.

No matter how talented you might be, you can achieve more when you collaborate with others. Even if you have the drive to work every hour of the day, having great teamwork abilities will ultimately boost your career and assist your career growth.

Gain These In-Demand Skills Fast With Wandr Courses

Don't worry if you're not sure how strong you are in these three important areas because Wandr has got your back! Effective communication, teamwork and adaptability are fostered in all of the courses on the platform, whether talking about our Skillin' it!, Essentials, or Trial Run options.

You've got plenty of time to develop them, too, as no one expects perfection from you straight out of high school. However, by getting started on learning about them now, you set yourself up for long-term success in whatever career you decide to go for.

1000s of Video-Led Courses Across Countless Industries

We've got 1000s of courses for you to try out that cover countless industry-aligned topics. They can help you get to grips with a range of roles in a diverse array of industries while also working on your core soft skills, as we've covered today, as well as others like emotional intelligence, leadership and more.

Among the many sectors covered by Wandr training, you'll find…

  • Business, Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Graphic & Interior Design
  • Game Design & FX
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  • Fashion

This is just a small cross-section of the wide range of sectors you'll be able to find out more about in your quest to find the ideal career. Allowing you to sample each and get a feel of what life is like in each industry, you'll get the help you need to choose the right professional path.

Gain Important Professional Skills With Wandr Training

Leaving high school can seem frightening and confusing, particularly if you’re not sure about which career path to take. The Wandr platform is designed to give you all the information you need to work out what job you’d like to work towards. It can’t give you all the answers, but our training can help you make sense of the mountain of career information you’ll find online and find a direction.

We’ll help you decide your vocational calling, giving you access to interactive, video-led career content that covers 1000s of topics. We also offer 1-to-1 career coaching from real-world experts you can hit up whenever you need to, so you can get great insight and formulate a meaningful plan.

To find out more about us and what we offer, visit us today at www.wandr.au where you'll find everything you need to know. Alternatively, you can get in touch by calling 1300 611 404 or emailing support@wandr.au today, and we'll do everything we can to set you on your way!

by Tenzing Tsewang



Are you leaving school and entering the Australian job market? It's a competitive one, so you need to stand out and appeal to what employers are looking for. Here, we examine three top skills that employers are seeking and how to go about acquiring them.

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