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5 In-Demand Careers in Australia for '24 - For Inspiration

by Heidi Anderson



Finding direction after leaving school can be tricky with all the available career choices. Don't worry because this blog covers five top careers in Australia, what to expect and how Wandr Kickstarter courses can help get you up and running in a role that suits you and your strengths.

Are you stuck on what to do when you leave school? Have you taken a career quiz aimed at providing you with direction but are still trying to figure out what path to take? If so, then we understand. We know that it can be tough, and you're certainly not on your own, as a massive 47% of high school students in Australia have no idea about the career path they want to take.

Don't stress, however, as it's just a matter of finding a role that suits you and your strengths. In this blog, we'll be looking at five great in-demand careers that might just offer the perfect opportunity. These are also professional sectors which are simply crying out for people just like you.

Jobs in Australia That Need New People

When looking for the right direction to take after high school, you have to factor in the kinds of things you like doing and what you're good at. You also need to think about your interpersonal skills, personality and what you'll actually be doing once on the job for real.

So, come with us now as we look at five professional roles that need new people and what each involves to give you an idea about their suitability.

Role #1 - Cyber Security Professional

Average salary: $125k per year

Are you someone who's always telling others to change their passwords? Do you feel like something's missing when you're not sitting at your laptop? If so, then a cybersecurity career could be your option. Cybersecurity is predicted to grow sharply over the next five years, meaning that the sector offers excellent job security and progression opportunities.

What Does a Cyber Security Pro Do? Well, you might find yourself working as a systems administrator or a network operator, to begin with, and your main job is to make sure that networks are secure against online threats and that the right people have access.

What Traits Are Useful? Signs that you'd be a good fit for cybersecurity include being detail-oriented, calm under stress, adaptable and adaptable to change.

Role #2 - Graphic Designer

Average Salary: $85k per year

Is the art room your fave place at school? Maybe you spend loads of time each day drawing new comic characters. Either way, you might be someone who's ideally suited to a career in graphic design. Expected to grow by more than 21% by 2026, the graphic design field is a vibrant one that lets you let loose your creative spark in advertising, web design, animation and more.

What Does a Graphic Designer Do? Creating visual concepts either by hand or using computer software, graphic designers use their skills to communicate ideas that captivate and inspire people. You could find yourself working in marketing, packaging, or even developing company logos.

What Traits Are Useful? You'll need good interpersonal skills, storytelling, problem-solving, time management and passion for your craft to be a graphic designer.

Role #3 - Beauty Therapist/Makeup Artist

Average salary: $58k per year

Do you find it hard to see your bathroom sink because of all of your cosmetics? Do you often find yourself browsing through makeup magazines? If so, you have a passion for glamour, which could lead you to a beauty industry expected to grow strongly over the next five years. There are various options to consider, too, such as makeup artist, beauty therapist and more.

What Does a Beauty Therapist/Makeup Artist Do? You'll usually be working in a salon, applying makeup, offering skin care advice, and creating fabulous looks for clients. Associated tasks include manicures, pedicures, waxing and eyelash extensions - all of which make people look and feel more confident.

What Traits Are Useful? You need to be a good listener, have flexibility, good time management, and have a creative streak. These traits are useful across most roles in the beauty sector.

Role #4 - Animal Welfare Jobs

Average Salary: $80-$120k

Are you the sort of person who just has to pat a passing dog when the chance comes along? Do you prefer spending time with dogs and cats over people? Then, the likelihood is that you're suited to working with animals, and the job of animal welfare officer or vet assistant could be the perfect option. There's a big shortage of vets in Australia right now and in animal welfare in general.

What does a vet assistant/animal welfare officer do? As a vet assistant, you work in a clinic alongside the vet, helping to care for sick and injured animals. Welfare officers, on the other hand, investigate alleged animal cruelty, neglect or injury. Both are extremely rewarding roles.

What Traits Are Useful? To work with animals, you'll be a gentle but resilient person with patience and diligence. You'll often spend many hours on your feet, so physical stamina also helps.

Role #5 - Aged Care Worker

Average Salary: $87k

Does helping others give you a sense of satisfaction? Do you love spending time with your Granny and Grandpa, listening to stories of yesteryear? If you said 'yes’ to both of those questions, there's a very good chance that a career in aged care could be for you and with the ageing population in Australia growing, the sector offers lots of job opportunities.

What does an aged care worker do? In this front-line role, you'll be assisting elderly people with their everyday tasks, helping them to eat, get dressed, and enjoy fulfilling lives. You'll also be responsible for keeping records, providing medication and communicating with family members.

What Traits Are Useful? When working in aged care, you'll need good interpersonal skills, empathy, patience and resilience. A natural desire to help others is also another great sign it's for you.

Take a Kickstarter Course With Wandr & Launch Your Career

If any of the careers mentioned sound appealing to you, Wandr Kickstarter courses can get you fully prepared for the most suitable roles. Whether talking about animal welfare, beauty, aged care, cyber security, graphic design or more, it’s training that can inspire you to move into a career that’s not just suited to you, but that you’ll thrive in.

At Wandr, we understand that it can be difficult trying to work out what to do with your life, but our career discovery and learning platform can help you make the right decision. Whatever you're into, we've 1,000s of courses for you to discover, and you can learn directly from the pros via interactive video-led careers content.

Not sure yet what you want to do with your life? Our career discovery and learning platform can help you figure it out. Whatever you're into, we've got learning content and courses we think you'll love and that offer 1-to-1 coaching to help you work out a plan.

To find out more about us and how we can help you, visit us today at www.wandr.au where we encourage you to take our career quiz to give you the answers you need. Alternatively, get in touch by calling 1300 611 404 or emailing support@wandr.au today, and we'll do our utmost to help.

by Heidi Anderson



Finding direction after leaving school can be tricky with all the available career choices. Don't worry because this blog covers five top careers in Australia, what to expect and how Wandr Kickstarter courses can help get you up and running in a role that suits you and your strengths.

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