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Is the Booming Digital Marketing Sector the Career Option For You?

by Tenzing Tsewang



If you're thinking of what to do in your career when leaving school, Australia's digital marketing sector offers a lot! In this blog, we look at what it's like to work in this booming industry, the many well-paid careers available and how Wandr can help you realise your ambitions.

So, you're approaching that crucial time when you leave high school, and the big question looming is - “What do I do next?". Well, if you're often glued to your phone or just someone who likes watching YouTube ads (Yes, there are people out there who do!), then you may have already been exposed to a potential career avenue - digital marketing.

It's an absolutely booming industry in Australia, and one that's said to be worth a massive $12.5bn in 2023! How mad is that? Want the great news? It's a sector that offers a huge number of job opportunities, and you don't need to spend a bazillion years in uni to get there.

Regardless of whether you have a knack for creating cool Insta stories or a talent for creative writing, there will be a digital marketing role that suits your vibe. Jobs in this sector are as diverse as the tracks in your iPod, from SEO specialists to content marketers.

The perks of the job include good pay, flexible working and a dynamism that means things rarely stand still for long. So, stick around as we unpack what's on offer.

So, What Is Digital Marketing?

Have you ever wondered how your favourite brands seem to appear on your TikTok or Instagram feed without you doing anything? How does it know exactly which ads to show you? Well, that's digital marketing in action for you! Behind the scenes, expert professionals use software and a wealth of expertise to promote products to the right people at the right time.

Digital marketing in Australia is growing super fast, and whether you fancy a role that involves getting websites to rank on the first page of Google (SEO) or putting together killer social media campaigns, there's suitable work for everyone. Let's take a look at a few, shall we?

The Lit Roles Available in the Digital Marketing Sector

There are so many lit roles available in the digital marketing sector that will allow you to make use of your talents. Here are just a few of the serious Gucci options available.

SEO Specialist

Mainly focusing on improving the visibility of client websites within organic search engine results, your primary responsibilities will include aspects like on-page optimisation, keyword research and link building. The skills needed consist of familiarity with SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush and a firm grasp of HTML/CSS coding language.

The job outlook for SEO specialists is great, as their services are in high demand and with salaries ranging from $72k-$120k per year, it’s not hard to see why it’s a popular career path.

Content Marketer

Anyone with a flair for content writing should consider the job of a content marketer. In this position, your role is to create and distribute content that attracts the intended target audience. Remember that last article you read about the latest gaming console? There's a good chance it was a sponsored blog or editorial created to entice you in and read!

To succeed in this role, you'll not only need strong writing skills but also an understanding of SEO and how social media algorithms work. An average salary of $82k per year makes this a viable option for many.

Social Media Manager

Ever wonder how influencers like Jake Paul and Kim Kardashian have time to keep posting on social media with such busy lives? Actually, they don't. It’s usually taken care of by a social media manager - a role that companies also pay good money for. Work includes content planning, engaging followers and audience analysis.

This is another position that offers job security - as they’re so in demand - that will give you a great chance to earn a great living, with wages in the region of $75k-$95k per year.

Pay Per Click Specialist

Ever clicked on an ad while you're googling something else? A Pay-Per-Click (PPC) specialist most likely made that happen. Their job is to create and then manage ads that show up in these areas and every time someone clicks on them, they get paid a small fee. Think of them as virtual billboard designers whose main task is to get people to look at them.

This work includes keyword research, performance analytics, bid management and using a deep knowledge of search engine algorithms to get results. Again, great job prospects and a high salary range of $70k-$80k per year.

Want to Find out if Digital Marketing is Right For You? Let Wandr Help

There are heaps of fulfilling opportunities to be had in digital marketing in Australia, and Wandr courses can help you take the steps needed to make it in the sector. Our video-led Skillin' It courses focus on digital marketing skills, allowing you to develop them for the road ahead.

Also, if you still need more information about this type of work to make sure it's right for you, our Trial-Run options allow you to get a close-up view of jobs like these. This means you don't end up wasting time and money on a career path that doesn't suit your talents.

We Know How Hard Finding a Career Path Can Be

At Wandr, we understand how hard it can be to find your way after leaving high school, as there are so many options open to you. Our platform has been designed to make the process easier by giving you a way to explore a range of different fields without having to commit to any of them.

Among the huge range of areas covered by Wandr training you can get a look at…

  • Mental Health & Wellness
  • Graphic & Interior Design
  • Business, Management
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Beauty & makeup
  • Game Design & FX
  • AI, Cyber & Tech
  • Photography
  • Fashion

Our courses let you make your decision based on fact, not fiction, so you get the peace of mind that comes with this invaluable insight.

Find Your Career Direction With Wandr Training Courses

With our help, you can leave school without the scariness and confusion that so many young people face at this critical stage in life. There's a chance that a great career digital marketing career may not be ideal for you, but having taken Wandr training, you'll know one way or the other.

Our interactive, video-led career content covers 1000s of topics, so there are tons more possibilities for you to explore and try on for size. We also offer 1-to-1 career coaching from real-world experts you can hit up when you need to bounce ideas off and get valuable guidance.

To learn more about us and the advantages of our platform, visit us today at www.wandr.au, where you'll find everything you need to know and more. Alternatively, why not chat with our friendly team by calling 1300 611 404 or emailing support@wandr.au? They're ready and waiting to help however they can!

by Tenzing Tsewang



If you're thinking of what to do in your career when leaving school, Australia's digital marketing sector offers a lot! In this blog, we look at what it's like to work in this booming industry, the many well-paid careers available and how Wandr can help you realise your ambitions.

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