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Jenna With the Pink Teaches Influencing & Persuading Skills

by Tenzing Tsewang



No matter which of the various career options you choose to pursue when leaving high school in Australia, being able to influence and persuade people to see your point of view is a valuable skill to possess. Here we get a peek into what social media star Jenna Hudson - a.k.a. @Jennawiththepink says about these abilities.

As you approach that all-important moment when you leave high school, you have a lot to think about, from exam prep to your long-term professional future. The good news is that the Wandr learning and discovery platform can help you find your most suitable career options, and it's something that we'll explain more in a short while.

However, first, we'll be looking at one of the most important talents you can master in life - influencing and persuasion. We'll also be getting a sneak peek of the super-useful career guidance you can get on the subject from star influencer Jenna Hudson, a.k.a. @Jennawiththepink.

Helping Young People Live Their Best Lives

As a model, actor, and social media influencer with 1.2 million followers on TikTok and more on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, @jennawiththepink teaches influencing and persuading skills (amongst other things) to the many young people who look up to her. She helps her growing community to 'find their crown', practice self-love and live their best lives.

As a child whose parents divorced and someone who had to navigate the dark side of beauty pageants in her early years, it's true to say that Jenna has had to overcome her fair share of challenges to become the role model she is today. We'll get a little wisdom from Jenna in a moment, but let's first examine what mastering these skills will give you in your career.

Why is Influence and Persuasion Important in Your Career?

When considering the question, "What job should I do?" you have to think about the type of person you are and the skills you possess. As such, if you're someone with strong skills in terms of influencing and persuasion, it allows you to be heard and convince others to support your viewpoint. It's not about getting people to do your bidding but more about showcasing your ideas.

There are many career options in which you'll be required to work as part of a team, and when you become good at influencing others, better collaboration can occur. You'll be able to guide discussions, shape team strategies and help people find agreement. It also positions you as a leader and a decision-maker - meaning faster career progression.

It's Not About Manipulating Others

Jenna Hudson teaches influencing and persuasion to her many followers, and as she'll tell you, it's not about manipulating others. It's about communicating while respecting and understanding the perspective of other people. Finding common ground is easily as important as any technical skills you might need on your career journey.

Also, these skills can be crucial during job interviews, as being persuasive can set you apart from the other candidates you're up against. They also help during negotiations, whether talking about asking for a pay rise or more project resources. Influencing skills can ensure you get what you deserve.

How @Jennawiththepink Teaches Influencing and Persuasion

So, now we get to the good stuff, as we look at a snippet of how Jenna Hudson teaches influencing and persuasion to young people across her huge online community. We caught up with her to ask a couple of questions about her journey, and this is what she had to say.

"In your opinion, what skills are needed to influence others?"

“If you want to be good at influencing and persuading others, you need to have a range of abilities. They include being able to communicate clearly and practising active listening - that means truly listening to people and not being judgemental, even if you don't agree with everything that they say.

Other important skills here include:

  • Emotional intelligence and empathy towards others
  • Well-developed problem-solving skills
  • The ability to build relationships
  • Adaptability
  • Confidence

As a freethinker and free spirit, often I don't see eye to eye with people. One of my missions is to push boundaries, and my overall aim is always to break down barriers, normalise conversations and remove taboos about controversial or awkward topics."

"Could you give us an example of a situation when you had to adopt a new idea or strategy?"

"On one occasion, I proposed a Gen Z-style concept for an awareness campaign I was asked to create on mental health. The client had previously worked on more conventional campaigns, but I firmly believed that a fresh approach could make a significant impact on the audience.

I crafted a persuasive presentation that highlighted the potential benefits and outcomes of the campaign and focused on our shared values and passion for pushing boundaries. I worked with the client to tap into this common ground, and it went on to create a positive impact on countless lives."

Irrespective of what kind of career ideas you might have, skills like these are highly valued in the professional world, meaning that developing them will serve you well.

Get Incredibly Valuable Career Guidance From the Wandr LMS

So, as we can see, Jenna Hudson is very well placed to offer life and career guidance on this topic and more, and this is just a tiny sample of the kind of wisdom you can get when using the Wandr learning management system. It's full of great insight from notable people across Australia, and it represents a fantastic resource you can use to get ahead in the working world.

As well as getting access to this priceless insight, our platform gives you a free What Career Should I Do? quiz that allows you to narrow down your career options to those that suit the kind of personality you have. With this information, you can then try a massive range of careers on for size via our video-based courses that give you a real feel for what it's like to work in each different role.

Among the many sectors you can get a sample of, you'll find courses in…

  • Aged Care Work
  • Business & Management
  • Branding & Influencing
  • Graphic Design & FX
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Beauty & Makeup
  • Animal Health
  • Cyber & Tech
  • Construction
  • Photography

Our immersive and mentally stimulating video content allows you to explore the career paths that you're most suited to, and all for a monthly cost that won't break the Bank of Mum and Dad! So, why not give us a try? Our platform could give you the clarity you need to work out your next steps after high school.

Wandr: Career Guidance In a Stress-Free Environment

Too many people leaving high school base decisions on the career paths they take on a hunch rather than on facts. This lack of information can lead to the wrong career being pursued and a lot of wasted time and energy, and you really can't afford to guess when considering something so important.

Wandr has been created to solve this problem, delivering all the real-world insight you need, as well as 1-to-1 mentoring from industry experts. We understand that determining the right option from the many available can be overwhelming, but with our help, you can get a handle on things.

For more details, visit Wandr.au and download our FREE Wandr Guide. However, if you'd prefer to have a chat with a friendly member of our team, call 1300 611 404, or book a complimentary career call here. Alternatively, email us at support@wandr.au, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

by Tenzing Tsewang



No matter which of the various career options you choose to pursue when leaving high school in Australia, being able to influence and persuade people to see your point of view is a valuable skill to possess. Here we get a peek into what social media star Jenna Hudson - a.k.a. @Jennawiththepink says about these abilities.

Fitness and Business Mentor



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