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Summer Holiday Courses That Can Boost Your Career

by Tenzing Tsewang



Are you about to graduate from high school? Want to make the most of your Summer holidays? In this article, we look at some great Wandr courses that you can take during the break that can equip you with marketable skills and get your career off to a great start!

As the school chapter of your life comes to a close, you're likely asking yourself, "What's next?". Here's a tip: improving your career prospects isn't just about landing that first job. You see, it's also about equipping yourself with the right skills to thrive and truly crush it in the professional world.

You're probably thinking that you've had your fill of learning after years of schooling, but with Wandr's interactive video-led courses, the experience is a lot different. Not only do they make studying as easy as watching cat videos on YouTube, but they're also laser-focused on the stuff that matters, making you job-ready much sooner.

No matter which industry you eventually join after academia, you need to stand out in Australia's increasingly competitive job market. So, if you're keen on hitting the ground running post-graduation, come with us now as we examine some of the insightful training we have available.

Preparing You For Success in a Range of Industries

Wandr training is designed to give you a real taste of professional life while arming you with marketable skills that make hiring managers sit up and take notice. Covering an array of industries, the Skillin' It courses below represent a great way to spend your Summer holidays.

How About Some Cyber Security Training?

Everything's online these days, from UberEats to Netflix and with this evolution has come more and more online threats from viruses and hackers. The cybersecurity world is booming, and it's not just for tech whizzes, either. Offering salaries of between $80,000-$315,000, this dynamic field is desperate for new talent, and our Skillin’ It Cyber course helps to prepare you for success.

As part of this course, you'll learn practical, on-the-job skills taught by celeb experts and kick-arse tutors. During the 16 hours, you'll cover highly relevant topics like:

  • Cyber Security Awareness Program
  • Cyber Security Fundamentals
  • Cyber Security - Advanced
  • Ethical Hacking

Sound like a job you could see yourself doing? It could be the case if you spend more time on your laptop than away from it. If this feels like your vibe, sign up here today.

Interested in Becoming an Animator?

Love drawing? Got a knack for storytelling? If so, you could work as an animator that lets you bring your imagination to life…literally. Whether working on movies, video games or online ads, what you create could be seen by millions, and you could get paid between $39,000-$200,000 for a job that feels like a hobby. Our Skillin’ it Animation course gets you ready.

This 12-hour course includes essential, industry-recognised content that covers a range of topics relevant to what is a booming industry, like:

  • Getting Started with Animation 101
  • Creating Epic Videos, Motion Graphics and Animation Using Canva
  • Animation Mastery with Adobe After Effects

Interested in eventually working on the next big animated classic or the latest console game titles? Why not use your holiday to full effect by signing up today?

Got What It Takes to Put On a Big Music Festival?

Are you the go-to person for planning epic parties? If so, you could make a career out of it! Event planning is an industry where organisation meets adrenaline, and as a pro, you'll be planning and executing concerts, corporate events and parties that people remember for years. You can earn anywhere from $40,00 to $200,000 per year for it, too!

Our Skillin' It events management course is a full-on 40-hour learning experience that delivers a whole heap of awesome content across super-relevant topics like:

  • From Ideas to Impact: Marketing Strategy Execution
  • Crafting and Presenting Persuasive Proposals
  • Discovering Ideal Venues
  • Financial Fitness

Feel like you’ve got what it takes to run Australia’s answer to Woodstock? Then why not sign up for this fantastically insightful online course today?

Got Interests That Lay Further Afield?

Imagine getting paid good money to explore new places or help others plan the trip of a lifetime! No matter if you’re working as a travel agent, tour guide or flight attendant, the options are pretty much endless. Offering salaries that range from $30,000 to $143,000, these are roles that break the 9 to 5 mould and let your sense of adventure take flight!

Delivering 48 hours of great, super-relevant content our Skillin' It Travel & Tourism course gives you a great introduction to the sector, covering:

  • Finding Domestic and International Deals
  • Travel Trends: Mastering Industry Knowledge
  • Creating Unforgettable Travel Packages
  • Navigating Services & Attractions

Got wanderlust? Looking to see more of the world? This immersive course is just what you’re looking for, and you can sign up in just a few steps here.

Finding a Career You Know You'll Thrive In

Wandr Skillin’ It courses give you marketable skills in an interactive and thought-provoking way. They prepare you for what's to come while also giving you true insight into what it’s like to work in a range of different industries. Complemented by our Trial Run, Career Kickstarter and Essentials options, young people studying with us get everything they need to make informed decisions about their future.

At Wandr, we understand how difficult it can be to choose a career path when there seems to be no obvious answer. However, you shouldn't stress, as we've got you covered. Our platform has been created with this tricky decision in mind, allowing you to explore a range of fields without committing to any direction until you're 100% ready.

Thousands of Topics Covered

Our training covers thousands of topics across various industries, from mining to entrepreneurship and Games & FX. Wandr lets you understand what each industry is like and accurately assess whether you’re suitable for the work. Sure, you could spend much of your Summer out with your mates, but you still have time to work on your future.

Able to be accessed via your phone wherever there's an internet connection, our courses can be sampled on your terms. So, stop guessing about what you're going to do and start exploring!

Take Control of Your Future With Wandr Training Today!

The Wandr learning and discovery platform helps to make leaving high school a much less scary experience, giving you the knowledge of what to do with your talents. We also offer 1-to-1 careering coaching from experienced real-world experts you can contact whenever needed. Their input to your future can be super useful, as they've been there and done it!

To find out more about us and the benefits of our platform, take a few minutes to browse our site - www.wandr.au. Alternatively, for more information about anything we've discussed here, just call 1300 611 404 or email support@wandr.au, and we'll reply as soon as possible.

by Tenzing Tsewang



Are you about to graduate from high school? Want to make the most of your Summer holidays? In this article, we look at some great Wandr courses that you can take during the break that can equip you with marketable skills and get your career off to a great start!

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