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The Skills You Need to Succeed in Australia's Growing Tech Industry

by Tenzing Tsewang



Do you spend most of your time away from school at your computer? Are you someone who knows their way around your PC and is always fixing tech problems for your friends and family? Then, there's a good chance that a role in Australia's booming tech sector might be for you. Here, we look at the skills you'll need to thrive in this industry & how to develop them.

It's probably not news to you that the Australian tech industry is booming, with so many new digital services changing how we all live, but did you know by how much? Well, there are predicted to be more than 1.2 million jobs in the sector by 2030! - meaning 300,000 new jobs becoming available over the next 5-7 years. Quite a jump, right?

If you're someone with a keen interest in tech and the latest gizmos coming out, what does it take to thrive in this industry and make the most of the opportunities that are coming? It takes a versatile skill set that blends hard technical skills with soft personal abilities.

In this blog, we highlight the must-have skills you'll need to develop if you've got your heart set on working in the tech sector. So, buckle up as we explore the essential skills that will set you apart in this continually evolving professional arena.

So, Why IS the Tech Industry Growing So Fast?

You'll be far too young to remember as a current high-school student, but the digital age began back in the 1980s when personal computers became a thing. They were very basic by modern standards, but they marked the beginning of a new frontier, and it hasn't stopped evolving since.

In the 2020s, tech is simply everywhere. It goes far beyond your Xbox or smartphone video calls. How far? Here are just some of the ways that tech has changed our lives…

  • Medical technology in healthcare gives patients better support, whether in person or remotely.
  • E-learning allows people all around the world to get quality education.
  • Transportation has changed significantly thanks to GPS navigation, Tesla electric vehicles and ride-sharing apps like Uber.
  • Entertainment is more convenient and affordable than ever thanks to platforms like Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime…and the list goes on!
  • Work collaboration has been revolutionised with remote platforms and meeting software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.
  • The natural environment is even being supported by pioneering agricultural technology, as well as renewable energy sources like wind farms, solar panels and more.

We could carry this list on for many pages more, but the point is that technology has touched almost every part of modern life. From social media to online shopping to the way we see the news, the demand for technological solutions is ever-increasing.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is another cutting-edge area of the tech sector, and who knows where that might lead? With applications across various industries, the need for skilled professionals to develop and maintain these systems is also increasing, further fuelling its growth.

What Skills Are Needed to Thrive in Australian Tech Sector?

It would be great if a love of tech were enough for a rewarding career in the tech industry, but it takes quite a bit more in terms of dedication and hard work. It also requires you to have a certain set of hard and soft skills to get ahead of the competition.

Let's take a look at what they are…

  • Technical Proficiency - Why? An affinity and understanding of programming languages like Python and Java, software tools, or hardware is foundational. Without these technical skills under your belt, your ability to contribute to projects will be limited. Each role within the industry will have specific tools that need to be mastered.
  • Data Literacy - Why? Data is vital in all industries, as it drives decision-making. Being able to interpret and apply data is essential for roles as varied as software development to marketing, affecting how strategies are constructed and how successful they are.
  • Cyber Security Awareness - Why? Online threats are constantly increasing, with viruses and hackers becoming ever more sophisticated. Even people not directly employed in cyber security roles need a basic understanding of security protocols to protect systems and data.
  • Project Management Skills - Why? Tech projects often involve complex tasks which require you to collaborate with multiple stakeholders. Knowing how to take a project from beginning to end ensures that deadlines and objectives are met.
  • Adaptability - Why? The tech sector never stands still! It's that simple. New languages, methodologies, platforms and opportunities are appearing all the time, and adaptability lets you quickly learn and integrate new abilities into your skillset.
  • Communication Skills - Why? Tech professionals rarely work in isolation, as it's often a team-based role. Being able to convey your ideas to tech-savvy and non-tech audiences is vital for effective collaboration.
  • Problem Solving - Why? In such a complex industry, your work will often involve unexpected challenges. You'll need to be able to identify problems, think critically and determine the best possible solution in each case. Strong problem-solving skills are a must!

While the specific tasks involved with each role will vary, these fundamental abilities will serve you well in your career. Next, we look at some of the tech jobs you could find yourself working in.

Which Jobs Are Available in the Australian Tech Sector?

The great news for all of your tech-savvy school leavers out there is that there are numerous well-paid tech jobs out there that offer a great deal of job satisfaction.

  • Cybersecurity Specialist

Protecting organisations and their data against unauthorised access, data breaches and hacking attacks, you'll work on developing security protocols and managing tools like intrusion detection systems and firewalls. Pay ranges from $81k-$130k per year, based on role and experience.

  • Software Development

As a software developer, you can work in a range of industries, from gaming to customer relationship management. Your job is to design, build and manage software applications, which involves project management, budgeting and meeting deadlines. The pay is excellent, too, ranging from $95k-$140k per year.

  • Technical Support Specialist

This customer-facing role involves installing, modifying and repairing computer software and hardware systems. As part of an in-house or telephone-based support team, you'll often troubleshoot and resolve issues to maintain productivity. Salaries range from $75k-$115k annually.

  • Computer Systems Analyst

In this position, you'll design and install new computer hardware and cloud systems for companies and organisations. No modern business can do without computer support, and every client will have different budgets and unique requirements. It's another fulfilling job that pays between $100k-$120k.

A common denominator with all these roles is that they're well-paid, highly skilled and part of a tech industry that is growing larger every day. For those with the right hard technical, and soft skills, the tech industry represents an area rich in opportunities.

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by Tenzing Tsewang



Do you spend most of your time away from school at your computer? Are you someone who knows their way around your PC and is always fixing tech problems for your friends and family? Then, there's a good chance that a role in Australia's booming tech sector might be for you. Here, we look at the skills you'll need to thrive in this industry & how to develop them.

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